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Sonia Nicolucci

Sonia Nicolucci, B.Sc., M.A., therapist, parent educator

Sonia obtained her master’s of arts in counseling psychology from the Adler Graduate School, where she specialized in Adlerian psychotherapeutic techniques for individuals, parents, athletes and coaches. Before earning her graduate degree, Sonia was certified as a parent educator and classroom educator with the esteemed Positive Discipline group. She spent over a decade helping parents and teachers understand children’s misbehaviours. Her techniques arm adults with the tools they need for better co-operation and communication and harmony.

As an athlete and mother of three athletic sons, Sonia is pioneering work in the field of sports psychology. By bringing the therapeutic principles of Alfred Adler to this domain, she supports athletes and coaches in reaching physical, mental and social goals in training and competition.

Clients find Sonia to be empathetic, encouraging and enthusiastic.

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