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Ruth Reiner

Ruth Reiner, Psychologist, RMFT

Ruth Reiner is a highly experienced psychologist and relationship expert. She considers all aspects of your life as she hones in on the central source of your discomfort. For over 30 years, she has helped people find their way out of sadness, confusion, miscommunication, repetitive cycles and life challenges. She brings a practical edge to deep understanding of all of your experience, with the goal of a pervasive and permanent change. You will feel soothed, gently challenged and guided towards optimizing your personal happiness, self- esteem and emotional well-being. Ruth will help you look beneath the surface of your problem and integrate from various processes to best complement your individual style. 


Fees are insurance deductible.

Services available in English and French

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416-922-5235 or 416-481-2600 ext. 36