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Kimberley McLeod

Kimberley McLeod, M.S.W., Registered Social Worker - Psychotherapy

Therapy for Adolescents, Young Adults and Families

Kimberley at a glance:

“I believe every person has the desire to be heard, understood and respected.”

Common concerns Kimberley can help with:

What to expect:


“Together we will establish goals that support your hopes and dreams.  We will look at what is and what is not working for you and will put practical plans in place to encourage a positive future.  We will draw upon your strengths as we explore your experiences, feelings and ideas.  You will begin to see your challenges in new ways.”

Professional Background:

“As an experienced therapist and mother of two I have insight into the challenges my clients and their families face.  I have always been drawn towards teen and young adult issues and I quickly form positive connections with the people I see in my practice.  I love the work I do and I feel privileged to be doing it.”


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