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Bonnie Miller

Bonnie Miller, M.S.W., Registered Social Worker - Psychotherapy

Brief and Narrative Therapy

Most of us don’t ask other people for help at the first sign of a problem. We try to handle it on our own to begin with.

So by the time you are looking for a therapist, you want to see results sooner rather than later.

As a Brief Narrative therapist, I specialize in conversations that invite change within the first few meetings.

How does this approach encourage change so quickly?

Our conversations will focus on picking apart the problem, looking for ways that you can interfere with familiar patterns. We’ll explore your skills and values, and develop a strategy that highlights what is most important to you. This focus on skills and values means that the problem begins to change in very short order.

The approach is very individualized.

We will be very specific about what works for you. My specialized training means that my questions and skills are very focused on generating change.

What Problems do respond to this approach?

I specialize in helping couples, parents and kids deal with problems like anger, sadness and loss, worry and anxiety, and relationship troubles. I especially like working with couples, individual men, and with families.

What results can you expect?

Our conversations can help you:

Folks I’ve worked with say they have:

We can get started with a free 20 minute phone call.

This will help us decide if we can work well together. You might notice if you feel I understand you, whether you feel hopeful about meeting with me, and whether our schedules are compatible.

I will be checking to see if my approach matches what you are hoping for, if I feel confident about my ability to understand the problems that you are facing, and whether I will be able to accommodate your scheduling needs.

If you are a parent we will talk about the hopes you have for your child, and how to introduce your child to the idea of working with me.

We’ll decide together if the match is good. Most of the benefit of therapy is based on a good working relationship between the counselor and the person! So, if it doesn’t feel right, I’m happy to suggest a colleague. There are lots of great therapists here at Leaside to choose from.

To schedule this free initial call, leave me a message at 416 878-7114, with a number and time that would be convenient for you.

I will get back to you right away.


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