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Aida Seetner

Aida Seetner, MEd, RP, RMFT, RSW

My name is Aida Seetner and for over twenty years I have had the privilege of helping people overcome emotional challenges. I began my career as an occupational therapist in the mental health field and later attained my Masters of Education in Counseling Psychology. Following, I completed a post graduate program in Marriage and Family Therapy.

Throughout my years as a therapist I have helped individuals, couples and families cope with life’s obstacles and maximize their potential. The issues that we continue to tackle together cover a wide spectrum.

Some examples of individual challenges include:

Some examples of couple and family challenges include:

I believe that despite how vulnerable an individual may feel when entering the counseling or psychotherapy process, he or she possesses incredible strength within. As a therapist, my primary responsibility is to help my client unveil that strength to overcome life’s struggles. In therapy this process can occur only if my client experiences my undivided attention, non-judgment, empathy and respect.


Therapy is not covered by OHIP. Coverage is available through some extended health benefit programs.

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