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Post- Adoption Services

Post-adoption Services

Considering adoption? Or have you already adopted a child? Our therapists are experts in dealing with the emotions that come with both. Attachment Focused therapy offers help to parents whose adopted child/children are:

  • demonstrating aggression and defiant behaviour
  • rejecting the adoptive parents
  • having difficulty with mistrust, lying, or stealing
  • experiencing difficulty with school performance and peer relationships

Post Adoption therapy includes working with the adopted child and parents to help:

  • the adopted child resolve his/her early losses and trauma
  • parents understand the impact of an early history of abuse, neglect and deprivation on their adopted child
  • parents develop strategies to help their child develop better emotional regulation
  • parents engage in interactions with their child that promote trust and intimacy

The goal of the therapy is to recreate a healthy secure attachment.

Post-adoption Services Therapists Include:

Post- Adoption Services
Marguerite McCarron, BA, Dipl. TCPP, Registered Psychotherapist
Specializing in attachment focused therapy for foster and adoptive children, youth and families; educative/supportive groups for post-adoptive parents.

Over twenty years work in both child welfare and children’s mental health settings has provided me with extensive experience in child, adolescent and family counselling.