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How do you know if you need a therapist?

There are a number of reasons why someone would benefit from seeing a therapist. Here is a list of questions that you might ask yourself.

If you are saying yes to one or more of these, you may wish to talk to someone about possibly seeking help:

  1. If you unable to function as you normally do.
  2. If you feel unlike yourself — if you are sleeping a lot more, if you are feeling at lot more anxious, less sociable, in a mood that you cannot shake
  3. If you are dealing with an issue you haven’t had to deal with before and it is making you very anxious and you are unsure how to proceed
  4. If the communication between you and your partner is getting worse and you just don’t have the relationship you used to
  5. If your child or partner is acting out in ways that worry you
  6. If you suffered a traumatic or unfortunate event or loss that you need to talk about with someone

If you think you might want to see a therapist, let us help guide you through the process of choosing who you might speak to.

We are here to support you

Striving for ‘emotional health and well-being’?

There are many factors that come into play that influence people’s abilities to achieve optimal emotional health and well-being. Personal abilities to adapt to life’s challenges, family dynamics, work, traumatic events and so on. These are some of the common reasons why people seek help and services which may be of assistance: